Mission Statement
Information Technology High School infuses curricula aligned to college, career, and civic readiness standards to ensure that students engage in learning experiences that address their needs, interests, and experiences. Learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom are constructed by teachers who collaborate with each other to ensure that a rigorous curriculum affords students opportunities to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to be able to construct meaning and apply information to new contexts. Students will engage in critical thinking and high-level academic discourse in an environment that is student-centered, technologically enriched, and respects and supports all learners.

Vision Statement
Information Technology High School prepares students to be independent thinkers and problem solvers who are college, career, and civic ready. Students will be nurtured to become self-sufficient members of our global community who are equipped with 21st century technological skills.

Instructional Philosophy
We believe that students learn best in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe where they are engaged in a learning process where high expectations are evident and regularly reinforced. To engage our students, we seek to make learning relevant, to make connections between students and content and to make connections between different subject areas to promote a feeling of relevance and cohesion. To engage our students, we use a workshop model and use strategies in that model that help us assess and check for understanding. These strategies include but are not limited to T-W-P-S, Turn & Talk, Triple A, Textual Evidence Sentence Starters, debates, role-playing, and exit slips aligned to lesson objectives. High expectations are promoted and reinforced through the use of rubrics, regular feedback to students that includes actionable next steps to close gaps, student learning goals, ongoing communication with parents, and uniform grading policies that include course-wide assessments.

Information Technology is a high school with 950 students from grade 9 through 12. The school population comprises 14% Black, 55% Hispanic, 9% White, 19% Asian, and 1% Native American students. The student body includes 6% English Language Learners and 18% Special Education students. Boys account for 73% of the students enrolled and girls account for 27%. The graduation rate for the school year 2020 – 2021 was 88%.

21-16 44th Road, Queens, NY 11101


Grades: 09,10,11,12,SE

School Contacts and Information

School Leader
Jean Woods Powell, Principal

Parent Coordinator
Judy Boror

Respect for All Liaison
Kevin Hernandez

Sexual Harassment Prevention Liaison
Engy Hanna